iPhone ascendant, users happy, sales strong

iPhone users are more comfortable with advertising within their apps and more likely to use and install applications on their device than users of any other smartphone, new research scheduled for release today informs.

TNS Compete will reveal initial iPhone-focused findings as it launches its new Smartphone Intelligence service, offering survey-based and behavioral analysis on smartphone use.

MediaPost explains the survey confirms the following initial findings:

– iPhone owners are twice as likely as other Smartphone owners to be comfortable with advertising within the applications on their device.
– c. 33% of iPhone owners use maps and GPS over ten times each month, compared to the 13% usage pattern of other smartphone users.
– Twice as many iPhone owners than other smartphone users complete at least one financial transaction on their device each month. (We’re unsure if this includes application purchases, however).
– The kicker stat: 93% of iPhone owners have added an application versus only 66% of Smartphone owners.

In related news, location-based tech iPhone start-up, Loopt, followed its recent deal with Qualcomm with news it has hired an investment firm to help it raise additional funding.

The continued research and development activity comes as Apple positions its iPhone and iPod touch devices as gaming platforms for the Holiday season. This could be an incredibly shrewd move, as a third report this week warns that mobile gaming sales have “flatlined across North America.”

Making the observation, Juniper Research also explained that the iPhone seems a rare potential growth point for mobile game sales, saying, “The revenue share offered by Apple to games publishers is incredibly attractive,” as stated by report author Dr Windsor Holden.

The report observes games developers are switching off from other services because they offer limited revenue sharing cuts – they just don’t make enough cash to justify slim sales.

“The danger is that if operators do not respond with a similar business model, publishers faced with low margins may simply exit Java completely, thereby reducing consumer choice in the longer term,” Dr. Holden said.

All this activity gives Apple some legs in an otherwise uncertain market, with the analysts at Piper Jaffray yesterday predicting Mac sales between
2.5-2.7 million for the December quarter; iPod sales of 18.5-19 million (a category which should include the iPod touch) and 6.4 million iPhone sales.

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