So far, iPhone apps ‘scratch surface’ of the possible…

We spend a lot of our time here stressing the chance the iPhone offers bands (such as Fall Out Boy, illustrated) and other creative people for creating links with their audiences and putting their art across – well, that’s all very good and well, but how do you do it on a budget, how do you build an iPhone app?

Apress has introduced a huge volume which should help you understand how to develop such applications, and explains what the iPhone as a platform can do – and the authors say applications we’ve seen for the device so far are simply ‘scratching the surface’ of what’s possible.

‘Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK’ is an extensive and information packed volume that covers the gamut of what’s possible, and is one of the first such titles to appear since Apple’s decision to relax its legal contract with developers in order to allow volumes such as this to appear.

The book’s written by veteran Mac developers Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche. We spoke with Dave Mark, and he’s incredibly positive at what can be achieved on Apple’s mobile platform.

“I think we have barely scratched the surface of what can be built with the iPhone SDK,” he observed. “I’m constantly amazed at the ideas that emerge from the iPhone developer community. Clearly, there’s a lot of talented folks being drawn to this platform.”

Games are the target market for both the iPhone and the iPod touch this season – and while some titles are really only good for a few moments diversion, in future titles will become ever more powerful, Mark explains.

“Have we hit the iPhone’s limit for gaming power?” he asked, “Not a chance! Cocoa Touch will continue to evolve, as will the hardware,” he said.

“Consider how much has been accomplished so far, with only a second generation OS and a platform that is still in its infancy. As battery technology matures, we’ll see more powerful processors and, I suspect, a lifting of some of the limitations on polling and multi-threading. In short, we’re just getting started,” he said.

So if you want to get started, why not take a look at the new title, which guides you through the ins and the outs of iPhone development, including offering explanation of how to make use of advanced features such as iPhone’s MultiTouch Gesture support, Accelerometer and location-sensing tools.

Chris Stewart, founder of, said of the title “This book is far and away the single best resource for iPhone SDK development. Developers will latch on to this book and find it useful as they create the next great iPhone application. If you’re a developer with an interest in this amazing new platform, this is a must buy.”

The title is available in electronic ($27.99) and physical ($39.99) formats. More information pertaining to the title is available here.

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