iPhone App Prices Fall 15%, Report Claims.

The latest report from Netherlands-based app store analytics company, Distimo, offers some interesting observations about Apple’s App Store and worldwide app consumption patterns.

The major findings are:

  • The most popular applications are the most expensive in Europe ($3.86 average), while the least expensive applications are in North America ($2.43) and Asia ($2.69).
  • Overall and worldwide, prices of the most popular applications have decreased 15% on average during the period, December 1, 2009 through February 28, 2010. The largest relative price decrease occurred in Australia where prices dropped 27% from $3.77 to $2.74.
  • The most popular applications in the Navigation category are the most expensive in Europe. This is due to the large number of turn-by-turn navigation applications covering different regions in Europe (e.g. TomTom Western Europe, Eastern Europe, UK and Ireland).
  • Games is the most popular category in Australia and North America (USA, Canada and Mexico), where 51% and 39% of the applications respectively, ranked in the top overall category are games.

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