iPhone 4G Set To Debut June 22 Says Rumour Of The Day

Pretty certainly the rumour of the day today will be claims Apple will introduce the latest and newest fourth-generation iPhone on June 22.

We think the date sounds about right – after all, the company should be almost set to ship iPad in all its major international markets by then, assuming it gets to sort out its display production problems.

So, here’s the situation: Seems Apple’s hired the Yerba Buena Center for Arts for June 22, which is (you guessed it) a Tuesday, generating instant optimistic expectation the new model iPhone will be introduced on that day. Plus the date coincides with everybody’s expected dates for WWDC 2010.

The next-gen iPhone will support multi-tasking (via iPhone OS 4.0) and is likely to sport an A4 processor (as used in the iPad), a 960-x-480 resolution display (twice that of the current screen) and a second forward-facing camera for video conferencing.

Kleiner Perkins Matt Murphy once told GigaOm, “We think most of the innovation in mobile will be started on the iPhone. We think the iPad is an extension of that.”

Expect more ahead. Schedule your time for June 22.

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