iPad: UK Launch Set For April 24, The Interweb Claims

Apple will introduce the iPad on April 24 in the UK, at least that’s what the latest rumours emanating from A WEBSITE are saying.

See, the good folk over at Bitterwallet (who sound awfully nice if a little less well-known, though seem to have been scribbling furiously since October ‘08) tell us they’ve had the UK iPad ship date confirmed by two independent sources.

They tell us staff working at UK Apple Stores are being blocked from taking leave on the April 24, with extra staff being bought in. Another source allegedly explicitly confirmed the date.

It is the last Saturday of the month, so we now anticipate the iPad will be made available for pre-order in the UK and Europe within the next seven days or so, leaving a nice window for a few early sales.

7 thoughts on “iPad: UK Launch Set For April 24, The Interweb Claims

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