iPad eats global flash memory stocks, drives prices higher

Alongside boosting the PC industry, transforming publishing, energising education and, erm, making the tea (it won’t yet make the tea) Apple’s iPad seems set to devour most of the world’s remaining stock of solid-state flash memory, according to “people in the know”.

DigiTimes – which has already told us many times before about how the iPhone and iPod touch have cunningly connived to constrain flash memory supplies – now tells us that the iPad is going to generate even more shortage as Cupertino consumes vast quantities of global supplies.

Apple already consumes almost one-third of total NAND flash output, and it looks like the iPad is going to grab an even larger share.

“With the iPad likely to grab most memory supplies, prices may increase causing higher prices for SSDs, the sources told DigiTimes.

Prices of this component aren’t expected to fall significantly until the latter half of 2011, when new 20nm process technology steams in to save the day.

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