iPad 2 has best HTML5/CSS3 support of any mobile browser yet, says Xoom critic, Sencha

Motorola’s Xoom may have picked-up rave reviews as the ‘iPad killer‘, but its promised Flash support remains just that — a promise — and its HTML5 support is somewhat lacking, according to Sencha. Not so the iPad 2, however, which has flown through a series of HTML5/CSS3 tasks leading Sencha to declare it the “best mobile browser we’ve seen yet.”

That’s right — Apple’s own tablet is the best-performing mobile browser yet — far, far better than the Xoom, according to Aditya Bansod at Sencha (which provides open-source web application frameworks and tools to major Enterprises and independent developers – including Best Buy, Dell, Salesforce.com and Adobe), who also tested the Motorola device and found it lacking.

Sencha put the iPad 2 through a series of tests: JavaScript performance, HTML5/CSS3 features, rendering performance and rendering accuracy using tests such as Modernizr, Acid3, SunSpider, and its own Sencha Animator and Sencha Touch Kitchen Sink tests.

The iPad 2, like the iPad first-generation, scores a 100/100 on the Acid3 tests. But we did find a few small rendering issues. If you look carefully at the image, you’ll notice a few light red squares in the top right and in the bottom right of the test results. In the Acid3 reference results, the edges of the test area do not have any of those glitches. Without a doubt, the iPad 2’s Acid3 results are solid, but it would have been nice to see this come up to full compliance,” Sencha writes.

Without a doubt, the iPad’s Mobile Safari browser has the best CSS3 support of any mobile browser we’ve seen.

You can read the full report — and it will make interesting reading as it spreads across the Web — right here.

“Apple’s devices are leading the vanguard of mobile browser innovation and for the HTML5 app developer this is great news. We’re excited to see not only the rate at which Apple adds new features, but the quality of their implementation.”

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