Introducing Dub Siren for iPhone

Oh this is truly the best thing in the world ever (until the next shiny thing shows up) – Dub Siren for the iPhone…

With Dub Siren, you can stream music from selection of some of the best Reggae, Dub and DubStep internet radio stations and mix interactively with Dub Siren’s top quality Reggae effects.

Dub Siren Has Two Modes

– Dub Mode, modeled after ’70s classic analog synth.
– Dancehall Mode, including the hottest, most popular sound effects used by Reggae DJs today.

Dub Siren also offers Dub Mixer, a DJ mixer integrated with a delay unit and tap tempo. With Dub Mixer, you can instantly perform your own Dub mix from a variety of streaming Reggae radio stations.

For professional DJs, Dub Siren can be used as a standalone Reggae sound effects machine. Our sophisticated audio algorithm and uncompressed audio files make Dub Siren a true pro-quality DJ tool.

Buy it here.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Dub Siren for iPhone

  1. Jonny Post author

    It’s a fun little application too – I had to purchase it, so interested had I become. I agree with you lot that it would be/will be better when Apple improves the level of access apps get to music held in the iPod library.

    But it was quite fun doing my Jah Shaka impression!!

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