iLike Challenge App for iPhone slips

iLike today announced the availability of the iLike Challenge App on the App Store, following its introduction of multiple Apps last week.

The $2.99 iLike Challenge App for iPhone and iPod touch tests how quickly music fans can listen to, and correctly identify, songs from a host of Sony Music acts including Britney Spears, Sean Kingston and Kenny Chesney. It also builds in code with which to access and purchase the track from the iTunes Store.

The iLike Challenge App offers a unique two-player mode, which enables two users to compete against one another on the same iPhone or iPod touch and will exclusively feature questions about Sony Music’s popular artists, from current chart toppers to legendary icons, across multiple genres of music including rock, pop, alternative, country, hip-hip, R&B, and more.

“We are delighted to be working with iLike to help its enthusiastic community enjoy Sony Music’s artists in an innovative new way on iPhone and iPod touch,” said Michael Paull, Executive Vice President, Global Digital Business, Sony Music Entertainment. “With our unparalleled catalogue, the iLike Challenge App will offer fans a fun and engaging way to test their knowledge of their favorite songs past and present.”

“The iLike Challenge App makes music discovery on the iPhone and the iPod touch a lot of fun,” said Ali Partovi, CEO of iLike. “This app is addictive. We challenge anyone with an iPhone or iPod touch to test their knowledge of their favorite artists.”

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