Home music servers gain iTunes connection

ELAN Home Systems has upgraded its popular VIA!dj II line of Digital Music Servers, introducing support for iTunes in its home music server software.

The software already offers iPod connectivity with TuneXchange, and now offers full auto-integration with iTunes. It automatically synchronizes to iTunes updating songs, playlists, metadata, cover art and edits.
TuneXchange provides an easy way for VIA!dj II owners to share their music collections between their VIA!dj II and Apple iTunes running on a Windows PC.

TuneXchange is an easy download and self-installs on all Windows XP or Vista based PCs. Once the software is running, your VIA!dj II and iTunes can automatically talk to each other over a home network.

“This allows users to sync their iTunes library, or just selected playlists, with the Digital Music Server,” said Mr. Farinelli. “Another awesome feature is that homeowners can also ‘mirror’, or back up, the content of their VIA!dj II into iTunes. In addition to serving as a safety net for all their digital media, this feature is great for folks who travel with laptops and want to take all their music with them.”

Once TuneXchange is loaded onto a networked PC all DRM-free MP3 & AAC files are automatically copied to the VIA!dj connected to that home network.

If a Client’s PC is short on disc space they can opt to link the music on their VIA!dj II to iTunes, making the music playable in iTunes but using no extra disc space on their PC.

The VIA!dj line of Digital Music Servers includes three models, providing a music management solution for every budget and offering ELAN Dealers the feature sets and price points needed to best accommodate every Client. Models are available with 160GB and 400GB hard drives and with up four independent outputs for whole house, multi-room listening.

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