Hollywood iPhone App a-go-go, fall out boy

No sooner has conversation turned to the use of iPhone apps to boost band-to-fan connections, than we see news the meme’s catching on in the dream machine, Hollywood.

Little-seen among this weekends chatter and speculation surrounding the voice-activated Google app and its non-appearance on the store, and more idle expectation of the all-new “iPod Stick”, one report on a little-known iPhone-focused Web site noted movie studios are shuffling to take a bat at the iPhone app market…

Alright, it’s a re-run to an extent, plugging the relatively-recent ‘Quantum of Solace‘ application which promoted the new James Bond film. This acts like a portal to deeper content pertaining to the film, offering you the chance to watch trailers and behind-the-scenes footage of the film, read a synopsis, and purchase the theme tune through Apple’s music store (natch).

This will be the thin end of a wedge of applications tied to film and music releases, and these creations will be fine so long as the people behind their development continue to innovate in some way.

However, once everyone begins creating these particular promotional tools we think they will soon be seen as better-suited to music than film.

That’s because once a film is in the can it is made, and there’s little investment in follow-up content until the sequel is due; music, on the other hand, has the advantage that the band is a living thing who continue to gig and have other adventures they can share with fans.

Once a band gets their app on a fan’s phone, they know they are connected to someone with an above-average interest both in their music and in the technology used to access it. Unlike MySpace, in which the friend collection obsession means most connections in a band’s list are inactive, those linked to the band by an iPhone app should be relatively more responsive.

A great way to build an audience at secret gigs, we suspect. And reflective of the move to bring brands close to fans.

A propos of this the Fall Out Boy application mentioned recently will be released in both the US and the UK, though in the UK the album date is currently set for December 15.

On the social networking features this application’s meant to offer, our spies could only tell us the software, “will have a feature entitled ‘where in the world is Pete Wentz”. And noted Fall Out Boy’s people are still building the application.

If you need an app building, why not have a chat with the people at Bappz?

Incidentally, the video used has nothing much to do with the topic, but I thought some film fans may be interested to take a look at the newly-released second trailer of sure to be a smash-hit movie ‘cos the graphic novel’s one of the best in the world, ‘Watchmen’. Kewel.

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