Here comes the voice-controlled iPhone nano….(maybe)

I’ve been predicting Apple [AAPL] will move to introduce an iPhone nano, or some other form of small form-factor mobile smart device product, for some time. Given that the screen on such a device is likely to be smaller, I can’t imagine too much in the way of App action, but now it seems Apple’s found a way to sort things out — your future iPhone nano (or iPod nano with Voice Over) will be voice-controlled — speak a contact name or number, and call or email or text them — whatever. Why do I think this? Because I think this is going to become one of the primary functions of Apple’s new data center once it opens, featuring voice recog tech licensed from Nuance. (If not this year then one day). BTW: I agree basic voice control isn’t all that, but think on Google Voice, and imagine voice recognition as the way you exercise most all your control over your fully-connected device.

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