Happy iPad Easter, America (iBooks App Hits App Store)

Good morning America, and hey, to the rest of the world it looks like the church of his Steve-ness plans to keep us waiting for the chance to press our flesh against an iPad – at least for a few more weeks… (They do this every time, so don’t act surprised).

So, big news this am is the sudden appearance of the much-awaited Amazon-killer, the iBooks App, which is now available on the App Store in the US. This, we learn, is an “amazing way to download and read books, designed exclusively for the iPad.

The app comes as the first wave of Pad apps hit the store ready for the first few US iPad owners to download them, trilling with delight, this weekend. Numerous additional apps have also made an appearance, including the much-vaunted iWork app and – surprise – an app from Netflix (which will be quite popular, we think).

Video up top is noted Apple-lover Stephen Fry opening his iPad up excitedly earlier this week. Lucky scamp. Why not take a look at his iPad report featuring chats with Jobs and designed Jony Ive here.

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