Got Catholic tastes? There’s an App for that…

Meet the Reverend Michael Manning, 69. He’s the San Bernardino priest who has been selected by the Vatican to host the first-ever Vatican-affiliated iPhone app show.

Host of a longtime show on Trinity Broadcasting Network, rev. Manning will deliver daily inspirational video messages via the app, which should ship in early April.

Most of the Observatory Foundation shows will be filmed in the San Bernardino studios of Wordnet Productions, a Catholic television ministry that Manning founded. Others will be filmed in Rome and other locations, said Robert Thorne, CEO of The Robert Thorne Co., a Beverly Hills firm that co-manages global licensing and media for the foundation.

“He’s (Manning) very good at what he does, and he’s a very clear and concise communicator,” Thorne said. “And he is a compelling presence on screen, with a meaningful depth of message.”

Wizzard Media is developing the App, just the latest in a series of initiatives from the Catholic church in recent months – such as the launch of a Vatican YouTube channel last year.

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