Google’s music service sucks

Google’s digital music service falls short of ambition

“Generally there were demands on the business side that we think were unreasonable and don’t enable us to have a sustainable, scalable music business,” says some Google suit.

What annoys me here is that Google is blaming the labels for just how crappy its new digital music service is, yelling at the music ‘people’ because the cash they wanted wouldn’t let Google run a scaleable business… other words, the music biz wanted enough cash to pay itself and the artists, while Google wanted to pay peanuts for creativity in its mission to ensure all creativity is searchable and findable by people using those also crappy Google Chrome client terminals *$499, while stocks last, so get an iPad and don’t be simple-minded* and ‘the Google’ search engine. Also so that people sucking on the GOOG Kool-Aid “we’re beyond good and evil” post modern, neo-fascist, religio-philosophical bullshit can make their money while the people who, you know, actually make the music and other creative stuff, find the music and other creative stuff, sell the music and other creative stuff and support the music and other creative stuff starve. But that’s alright because it lets the Google location and user data glutton continue in its multinational quest to get rich simply by designing stupid computer programs which let you find stuff and thing, some of which you didn’t need a decade ago.

I’m waiting for Apple’s cloud. I love music. I love all the creative arts. I’m willing to pay for them. Google is a hitchhiker, but it has the cash it needs to buy its own car. Thanks for dropping in.

8 thoughts on “Google’s music service sucks

  1. M@

    It’s surely google’s fault that I can only delete one thing at a time. Also the way their music player doesn’t seem to understand what ‘shuffle’ means.

  2. FU@

    @ ..M@

    You can press cntrl and click multiple songs you want to delete. It’d help if there was a check box. It’s still in ‘beta’ and the UI friendliness needs to improve a lot. This service ROCKS!! Name anyone that’ll let you upload 20k songs in the cloud where you can access them over various devices for FREE! yeah..that’s what i thought.


    Wow, very comprehensive review. I’m thinking about learning HTML5. I’m seeing more and more job/freelance listings asking for html5 media playerknowledge and so along with reading some of the online references you listed, I’m going to have to pick up the book as well. Really appreciated the chapter breakdowns.

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