Google YouTube makes Pax with Hollywood

Seems YouTube has begun pretty much smoking the pipe of peace with Hollywood, as movie moguls begin to comprehend the way clips online (they need not pay hosting fees for) can boost their business.

A new report states the, “company has adopted a more accommodating approach toward Hollywood, and that it’s finally starting to pay off.”

Lionsgate has reached a cooperative deal with the Google-owned service, “other big media companies are in talks with Google about similar deals, say sources with three different entertainment companies,” according to Cnet.

Film companies are changing their mind-set because Google has begun being a little more flexible in terms of chats about revenue sharing (pay the artists, people) and anti-piracy protection for TV shows. Avast…

“We’ve been working with them on filtering and they’re doing a pretty good job,” one executive told “We’re pretty impressed with the results and their ability to identify our clips and allow us to automate the process.”

There’s an in-depth report on this just here….

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