Google puts YouTube behind classical music

It’s always nice when a major mass market brand tries to drive its energy behind non-mass market culture, so we’re pleased to see Google’s launch of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra project.

Announced yesterday, the deal’s a familiar one: X-factor style online auditions, with YouTube users asked to download a four minute score composed by Tan Dun and then to record the individual instrument parts before uploading them. The best will be mixed up into a performance which will be made available through YouTube.

London Symphony musicians will provide online instruction on how to play the musical parts, in the spirit of master classes.

Also going on is a competition to find the best musicians, who will upload video of their performances to the service, with an April concert at Carnegie Hall for the winners.

“The idea is to put together the world’s first collaborative online orchestra,” said YouTube project marketing director Ed Sanders. “It’s collaboration in a way and a medium never seen, both with sound and video.”

“It would be a dream come true to find a trombone player in Hong Kong who had a rare talent, but nobody knew,” he said.

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