Updated:Google offers voice search for iPhone – video

Google this week optimised its search results for iPhone users – now the search engine giant has made the Apple device capable of exercising searches using voice commands. Don’t believe me? Here’s the video:

UPDATE: Since this report was published the descriptive video appears to have been taken offline and there has been no sign yet of the application’s arrival on the App Store. We have found another version of the original video which we have posted here. The original New York Times report appears authoritative and written with cooperation from the search giant, so the jury’s out on what’s really going down. Original report from here unchanged.

Second Update: Now the word is we’re looking at Monday, watch the skies, people…

That means you’ll be able to speak to your phone to ask it to search for the nearest cab office, for example. The updated Google application will be equipped with sophisticated voice search software that will at first be available exclusively only on the iPhone.

Spoken questions are digitised and sent to Google’s servers which then try to figure out the question and the answer. It’s a significant step toward voice activated controls for other devices, which Google shall enable the technology for in future.

“An intriguing part of the overall design of the service was contributed by a Google researcher in London, who found a way to use the iPhone accelerometer — the device that senses how the phone is held — to set the software to “listen” mode when the phone is raised to the user’s ear,” the NY Times informs.

This news emerges as some reports claim Apple plans to compete with Google with its own search engine, a fable we’ll frankly believe when we see it – sure, something search-focused will appear, probably collaborative remote search for workgroups or something, sure, I could be wrong, but this claim doesn’t seem to be sparking my intuition.

The below video simply details the recenty-optimised search results for the iPhone.

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