Google ‘monetizes’ You Tube

Interesting, old news but more clarity. Not my find, unfortunately, that honour belongs to Motley Fool: “It seems Google’s going to give it a shot, according to YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley’s recent comments at a tech dinner in Palo Alto. “We’re integrating links to iTunes and Amazon for DVDs, CDs, and digital downloads,” he said. “A lot of our content does drive awareness for music or for TV shows or movies, and a lot of our partners are really just excited to make that connection between the two — going from promotional, getting people to tune into a TV show or buy a movie ticket — to that direct response in terms of clicking to buy something.””

The Holy Grail of this kind of vision is the ability to get hold of what you want, when you want it. What’s in the way of realising that is that not every media player is at the table, and, right now, if you are a huge fan of Chinese cinema, but live in Brazil, you have no immediate online resource to get that, then, there, as you please. Players must focus on the niche markets.

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