Google makes stealth media move

Google has introduced “Google Media Center”, free Windows-only software that, essentially, does the same thing as an Apple TV, enabling Windows users to stream photos, videos and music from their computer to the TV.
Of course this isn’t new, Microsoft has its own solutions for the task, but what makes this more interesting (other than the software being as intuitive as any other Google product) is Google’s tendency to explore and disrupt emerging markets. Given the company has its own market-leading video distribution system in the form of YouTube, might it be deploying infrastructure to make a media-focused bit to support the launch of phones based on its Android platform? We don’t know, but we’re interested to see this play out.
Google Media Center supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), compatible devices include things like the Xbox or Playstation gaming console, many set-top boxes or photo frames such as the Kodak EasyShare. Google Media Server will auto-discover any UPnP device that’s connected to your computer. You can also choose what of your content should be made available to the device. You must install Google Desktop to install Google Media Server.

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