German artist files 70,000+ sample requests

“Johannes Kreidler hopes to question the concept of music copyright with a 33-second song called “Product Placements” that includes no fewer than 70,200 samples — each of which must be cleared in order for the song (listen below) to be legally released.

“This will entail delivering 70,200 forms to German copyright authorities, which Kreidler intends to do on September 12 as a sort of performance art project to address copyright issues.

Kreidler calls a representative of Germany’s licensing authorities to request 70,200 forms which must be filed for the use of the clips (sorry, German language – but you can hear the shock in the voice at the other end).

Musically, it may not be the most amazing composition ever made, but as a point with regards to fair use of samples, it appears well made.

1 thought on “German artist files 70,000+ sample requests

  1. zort

    there’s an english video about the performance on youtube and on kreidler’s website.

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