Gadget weekly: The iPhone Projector

We’re liking the look of the MiLi iPhone Projector, which is both pretty and portable and probably a harbinger of future iPhone 4 features (recall the notion the future of the device includes a Pico video projector?)

Available only in the UK at the moment (US readers may want to take a look at this product, which seems to tick the boxes), the MiLi iPhone Projector will project videos, photos, video podcasts or movies.

It is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPod (so anyone who hasn’t made the leap to iPhone yet is still ok), the MiLi Projector is a bit like having a cinema in your pocket. It projects at up to 70 inches and we think this could be such a nice toy for video DJs and film fans. Also for lecturers, teachers and business travellers. And me. I’d like one, anyone?

The focus is fully adjustable, it’ll charge your iPhone/iPod, you can connect other external video devices like a PC, Laptop (perfect for presentations), DVD player or VCR thanks to the AV in/out connection

Other features? integrated speakers, a remote control. Powered from the mains or the internal rechargable (via USB) battery, which promises up to 1.5 hours viewing time.

Available now at iWoot.

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