Free WiFi for MySpace users (until October)

It’s a sign of the times, with content becoming the only driver for internet access (after all, if there was nothing there, who’d bother visiting), the relationships grow interesting, latest news is WiFi internet service, The Cloud, plans to offer free wireless access to MySpace users.

New Media Age reckons MySpace users will be able to access their profiles, music and images for free from today until October. Apparently there’s going to be MySpace branding on the wireless provider’s website and so on.

Founded in 2003, The Cloud has evolved from an indoor hotspot provider into one of Europe’s leading wireless broadband suppliers. The company offers hotspot wifi access at points across Europe, including 7,000 locations across the UK.

Interesting to note that MySpace Music has been rumoured for launch in autumn. We’ll see if those disparate strands connect at all.

Still, we’re beginning to wonder why music labels took such little investment in ISP provision – surely labels owning (or not) the distribution system was part of the cause of their current malaise? Well, that, and utter lack of imagination.

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