Free Pioneer Software Is Big Beat To Digital DJs

This could be a pretty big deal to working DJs who use digital music as part of their set – Pioneer is to make its powerful cross-platform digital music management software, rekordbox, available for free download for the first time after the successful launch of their new club standard CDJs.

Up until now, rekordbox software was only available with a purchase of either the CDJ-900 or CDJ-2000. From 24 May 2010, it will be available as a free download (download link will be communicated on this date on ( This means even without the players at home, DJs can use the software to prepare tracks for playback using the CDJ-900s or CDJ-2000s at the club.

Mark Grotefeld, Head of Marketing, Pioneer Europe commented, “rekordbox brings a DJ friendly approach to music management whilst seamlessly integrating with a DJs existing iTunes music library via Bridge, so it’s great news we can now offer this ever advancing software as a free download to all DJs.”

rekordbox allows you to import music from iTunes using the Bridge function or by simply adding them into the software for management. rekordbox will work out the BPM and allow you to set hot cue and loop points into the track, utilizing a full beat grid view in advance, as well as colour coding your music and adding all the ID3 information so it appears automatically later on any CDJ-2000 or 900. Working with rekordbox also means that when tracks are exported to a USB key or SD card, the CDJ-900 or CDJ-2000 will load the waveforms instantly. The database layout within the software can be customized to suit individual DJ style which enables personalized layouts when browsing on your CDJ-900 / CDJ-2000s.

The softwares unique reverse functionality enables the new CDJs to record your cue, loop & set history during your set which can be recalled in rekordbox later. If you enable the Quantize feature within the CDJ-2000 / CDJ-900, then rekordbox makes loop and cue points snap to the beat (1ms accurate), ensuring beat-perfect loops and cues.

rekordbox will also be fully compatible with future Pioneer DJ products across the range. As clubs begin to upgrade to the CDJ-900 and CDJ-2000 from the CDJ-1000MK3, the ability to travel and arrive at the club with your music prepared on a single USB or SD card (such as a USB flash memory key) is now a reality.

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