Free music site is artist-friendly

Brand new ads-funded online music distribution service, Rawrip, launched in beta today.

Set to launch for real in November, the service promises artists 100 per cent of the royalties accrued with every music download. In addition to pay as you go downloads, fans can stream music for free, store songs in their own personal music library, and explore new music using the ‘The Rippler.’

Artists can also sell tracks through the ‘Raw Stores’ widget, which allows acts to earn 100 per cent of sales made to fans through websites, blogs and social networking websites.

The Rippler is yet another music exploration engine which automatically analyses tracks, cross-references them with its own data (of just one million songs) in order to offer music recommendations.

So how is this going to make money? Seems the site’s owners, Rockbury Media International plan to create their cash from the advertising sold around the service, which offers one million tracks from indies and a few major label tracks. Music is sold in the soon to be pervasive (again, so what’s the last six years been about) MP3 format.

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