Flurry, where do iPhone developers come from?

Flurry has some interesting data on where iPhone developers come from, as detailed in this chart.

Revealing that around 35,000 unique companies across the globe are producing the 140,000-strong collection of applications , Flurry observes that 19 percent of companies building iPhone applications initially came from traditional video games.

It’s the number of start-ups making money in the business that most excites. “Despite the fact that the App Store is now maturing, reaching its two year anniversary this summer, we are encouraged that native iPhone application developers are still relevant, representing 20% of the heritage pie, the second largest category. This means that the barrier to entry is still low enough for start-ups to enter and innovation to flourish,” wrote Flurry’s VP Marketing, Peter Farago on March 15.

Additional stats:
Around 20 percent of iPhone applications were made by companies that started out on the web. Another 19 percent of applications were made by traditional gaming companies such as Electronic Arts and Activision.

Brick-and-mortar companies have produced around 19 percent of the iPhone applications to date while traditional media companies like Disney, New York Times and CBS are responsible for another 17 percent of the applications.

Five percent of application developers started out on a different mobile platform before developing for Apple.

iPad introduction is generating a new wave of App development, Flurry noted, saying, “large proportion of the applications we are seeing are custom ports of existing applications tailored for the iPad. With over 140,000 applications in the App Store, developers who modify, or build from the ground up, their applications early on for the iPad may have the opportunity to establish an early presence on this new device and drive more downloads. To wit, Apple announced today that it will include a dedicated “iPad” app category in the App Store.”

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