‘Final Cut Pro is alive and well’ says Apple CEO

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has allegedly moved to confirm that despite Apple’s recent move to lose many remote workers, Final Cut Pro is alive and well – it isn’t going away.

Jobs reportedly responded to a query from MacSoda (a very, very rare thing for the CEO to do, which we’re still not completely convinced is for real). MacSoda had written to Jobs to request clarification for the future of FCP following the wave of sackings. And Jobs said.

No worries. FCP is alive and well.

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Recent firings by Apple generated a wave of speculation the company might fdivest itself of Final Cut Pro (as if).

Now, despite the face we’re not certain as to the veracity of the comment, we’re pretty certain the sentiment is true. Final Cut Pro is going to be fine – and we’ll probably find out a little more concerning Apple’s future plans for the pro video software at NAB this coming April.

>> Particularly in view of the $150 discount on Final Cut Studio currently available via Amazon in the US.

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