Fek The Fax? There’s An App For That…

I hate it when people ask me to fax forms back, it seems so dated and the process is so annoying since my trusty all-in-one (with fax) finally flickered its way into landfill.

This means I’m hoping new App, Zosh will enable me to sign forms and so on in a way the fax functionaries will find acceptable.

You can add form text to anywhere on a document, and when a doc needs signed, you can sign it directly on your iPhone. It costs $3 and works with PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF documents.

The application sends back a completed standard PDF with all of your data filled in. Take a look.

Alternatively, don’t miss out on ScanR. Take a photo and the ScanR app will send it to their server’s to be processed into a high quality PDF that can be sent anywhere via email, or to a recipient in over 90 different countries via ScanR’s fax service. You can try a limited version of the iPhone App for free, or pay $4 for the complete software. Video below:

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