Everclear’s free music download for democracy

Taking a stance on the US Presidential election, Everclear have made their song, ‘Jesus Was A Democrat’, available for free download.

Art Alexakis was inspired to write the song way back in 1988, when right wing sentiment on both sides of the Atlantic meant that the people thought ‘Liberals’ were the enemy, the band remark.

“I bet you think of him as a nice clean long-haired Republican / Nah, he would be all locked up in Guantanamo Bay if he were alive today,” the song points out.

Song is available for download here.

5 thoughts on “Everclear’s free music download for democracy

  1. Ben

    I was curious to know what other people thought of this song. I personally agree with most of what Art is trying to say, but I wanted to know what other people thought, since I’m sure that it probably didn’t sit to well with some.

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