European iPad 3G Data Costs Revealed By T-Mobile Leak

3G access may cost European iPad users around €25-35/month, a report claims.

According to a German newspaper T-Mobile sources are suggesting the carrier will charge between €25-35 per month for 3G services in Germany. No word yet from other carriers or European territories.

These prices are the equivalent of around £22-£31.50 per month for UK users and circa $33.80-$47 per month in US currency. For comparison, AT&T in the US is charging either $14.99 or $29.99 per month for different iPad data deals.

We’ve had no clear confirmation on European iPad prices. Apple execs are reportedly touring Europe in an attempt to finalise 3G deals and (we speculate) meet with content providers, presumably including publishers, with a view to extending iPad-focused media services into the region.

In related news, MacRumors informs Apple’s offering ten-packs of iPads to educational institutions at a twenty-dollar per iPad discount.

5 thoughts on “European iPad 3G Data Costs Revealed By T-Mobile Leak

  1. Chark

    That seems high to me. I’ve got a mobile wifi device for my iPod Touch that I bought in London for 50 pounds (about $75 USD). My Pay-As-You-Go monthly account for 3GB/month is only 15 pounds (about $23). Longer term accounts are less per month. I just wish I could bring the device back to the US with me and use it here, but it’s much more expensive through Verizon.

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