European indies seek out new money

IMPALA launched its new Friends of IMPALA programme at MIDEM today to link up the whole music sector from radio to retail, digital to finance, legal to PR.

Following national successes such as AIM’s scheme, the idea is to create new pan-European links. The programme will be run by former IMPALA Board member and former UFI Vice President Yann Padron.

Yann Padron said: “I’m delighted to be working on this for IMPALA. This programme will bring together the most creative brains in the sector to develop new business opportunities.

Helen Smith, Executive Chair IMPALA added: “Finance is just one example. Monday’s action plan highlights investment as a commercial and political priority. Our friends programme will help us find the right partners to access the finance we need to grow the whole sector together.”

Two levels of access will be provided under the scheme: Gold and Platinum.

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