eMusic catalogue reaches 4 million tracks

Online music retailer, eMusic, this week announced the size of its global music catalogue has reached four million tracks.

The company now offers music from over 40,000 record labels, Music is sold on a subscription basis, in which users can download a set number of tracks each month in return for their money.

All music sold through eMusic is sold in a DRM-free MP3 format. However, major labels have so far refused to license their music through the service, which counts itself as the number two music service after iTunes.

The company recently ramped-up its service with the introduction of sophisticated Web 2.0 features to improve accessibility and music exploration.

“eMusic is redefining digital music retail for the 21st century with new features that make it easier than ever to discover new music,” said David Pakman, eMusic President and CEO. “More and more labels are recognizing that eMusic is always working to help them increase sales of their catalogues, including songs that don’t sell on other services,” he added.

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