eMusic boss to leave the company

Digital music’s longest-lasting CEO other than Steve Jobs or much-lamented Wippit service’s Paul Myers, eMusic’s David Pakman is to leave the enduring company for a venture capital group at the end of the year, he revealed this week.

Pakman has watched stores from MTV, Microsoft, Sony, Yahoo, and AOL come and go. “We outlasted almost every other digital entity in the space,” Pakman said. “We’ve proven the business model, growing the company by five times. I’ve had an amazing team.”

As eMusic’s boss, Pakman fielded a DRM-free music subscription strategy, attracting content from mainly independent labels, until majors began to see the error of their DRM-obsessions in recent months. Unlike the major’s, Pakman’s strategy actually worked.

The destructive nature of DRM is best observed in WalMart’s news of last week.

Pakman will help eMusic find a successor and intends remaining as an advisor to the company.

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