EMI launches online music discovery & retail site

EMI Music has launched its very own digital music service at EMI.com, promising to use the place as a launch pad for experimental digital technologies and for the development of music discovery systems.

Currently available as a beta service, you can fly along to EMI.com to listen to streaming music, watch videos, create playlists and fan profiles, catch news from EMI artists and more.

In future, EMI plans to introduce embeddable widgets fans can use to add music content to their own sites, and will also offer music for sale with a store The Guardian explains may be managed by UK digital music service, 7digital.

“EMI.com is designed to be a learning lab,” says Alex Haar, VP of digital special projects at the label. “This is the beginning of a longer term experiment. In the coming months, we will continue to add content and features to the site,” he added.

On the site itself, EMI says, “This site is all about bringing you closer to the music and the music makers,” adding, “Well that’s why we see it as more of a journey than a destination, so we will be continually updating the site with improved functionality and new features. Please bear with us, we are in beta, and don’t forget to give us your feedback.”

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