Elgato developing Freeview reception for iPhone

Elgato is developing solutions to enable iPhone and iPod touch users to watch Freeview channels on their devices, a report claims.

Elgato is widely known by Mac users for its digital TV software which works with TV tuner cards to enable TV reception on the Apple platform. It also creates Freeview receivers for Macs.

Elgato product marketing manager Lars Felber told Electric Pig that enabling television on the iPhone is important to the firm.

Felber indicated that while it would be possible to create a physical solution for this, one that would draw power from the iPhone, a better solution would be to enable streaming of shows.

This would leave a home or office Mac as the receiver, tied to an ElGato card. This would watch shows for you and automatically compress them in order to make the shows available for streaming to a user’s iPhone using the web.

The Elgato executive stressed that the company won’t rush into this, saying, “For us to do this, (implementation) has to be perfect.”

2 thoughts on “Elgato developing Freeview reception for iPhone

  1. spacecowboy

    Holy Smokes Batman! Our favorite television stations on our iPhone? Let’s not tell the Joker!

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