EatDigital sees business growth

Melbourne and Sydney-based digital promo company recorded its busiest month ever in September.

Like UK-based firm, FatDrop or the iPool service, EatDigital offers a digital alternative for CD-based promo campaigns. Labels use this service to provide pre-release access to forthcoming music releases to journalists, DJs, radio hosts and others.

September was the best month yet for EatDigital, which promoted a total of 73 albums in September, the company claimed.

“As well as reducing the cost of promoting a release, digital gives you greater insight into who’s doing what with your music,” said EatDigital’s Damion Brown. 

“This takes out a lot of the legwork in followup, and what’s happening now is a lot of labels are starting to think about insourcing their PR. Sending a CD to every person on your database is a hefty cost to bear, and a sensible cost to cut.”

Damion identified increasing commercial acceptance of digital formats together with an ongoing need to reduce costs in a depressed market as key factors to EatDigital’s growth.

“Digital promo had previously been pretty much restricted to dance music, where labels wanted to be able to get tracks to DJs same-day. But increasingly we’re seeing organisations across all genres starting to switch over to digital. It’s making a lot more sense to a lot more people.”

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