Easy online drum machine


In passing, we came across this truly nifty drum machine emulator thing online.

Easy to use, it’s available as a web page and offers a host of cheesy (but quite effective) big beats and rhythms..

C’mon, it’s a Friday – it’s got to be a good day to infuriate your colleagues.

2 thoughts on “Easy online drum machine

  1. Tiffani Belfield

    Hey all, I have wondered about getting the program DubTurbo Beatmaker and was hoping somebody could give me an actual bona fide evaluation of the program. Almost all the websites that offer feedback are generally internet marketers promoting the computer software so I don’t believe that the comments are legitimate. Many thanks in advance for all insight anyone can offer.

  2. videomusic

    Mes parents m’ont appellée Apolline et j’aime beaucoup ce prénom.

    Je viens de fêter mon quarante-troisième anniversaire.

    ; je ne fait pas de complexe à ce sujet !
    J’ai repris mes études pour devenir traductrice ! Mes amies racontent régulièrement que je suis joyeuse.

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