E4 makes iTunes connection, leads with ‘Dead Set’

UK TV broadcaster E4 has signed-up to offer its shows through the iTunes Store in the UK, spearheading the introduction with the offering of hit TV show, ‘Dead Set’, through the service.

‘Dead Set’ is a gripping five-part zombie horror series set in a fictional Big Brother house house and written by acclaimed penman, Charlie Brooker. If you’ve missed it, it has been shown every night this week and is set to come to an end tomorrow night.

Also available from E4 through the iTunes service, ‘Fonejacker’, ‘Skins’ and new six-part comedy, the ‘In-Betweeners’.

E4 joins Kult Kidz and Manga Entertainment as the newest trio of broadcasters to sign up for the iTunes service. And in related news, Channel 4’s extensive selection of offered content has now been re-jigged to be made available by theme.

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