Disney’s Ultimate Band dons Plain White T’s

With the success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it really was only a matter of time before a gamut of that genre of gaming title hit the market, and now Disney Interactive Studios has announced ‘Ultimate Band’, a game which will feature music from the Plain White T’s.

Announced in February and developed by Fall Line Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ultimate Band takes players through the star system, from first getting together to becoming rock royalty. It ships in the US in the coming weeks.

The studio is working with the band for content, videos and promotional efforts for upcoming music video game Ultimate Band. Plain White T’s feature heavily in the game with exclusive videos including an acoustic performance of the single “Natural Disaster.” Don’t worry – it’s not all music from one band, there’s over 30 indie and mainstream tracks in the game.

A re-recorded version of the Plain White T’s “Our Time Now” is also featured in the game allowing players to use male or female voices for their own unique ‘Frontman’. As players progress through the game’s garage to stardom storyline, they unlock new Plain White T’s band characters.

“Our Time Now” is also featured in Ultimate Band for Nintendo DS™. Players increase their fans by strumming along to the chords on the lead, rhythm or bass guitars, as well as rocking out on the drums.

One more point – Disney isn’t planning to force players to invest in instruments to play the game, you can control the musical action using your Wii or Nunchuck remote.

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