Digital promos take off on Oz dance scene

Pre-release music promotion company, FATdrop, today confirmed Australian electronica label, Sweat It Out, has signed-up to use its digital promo service.

Sweat It Out is just the latest in a line of Australian labels who use FATdrop’s promo tools, including tech house dance label, EQ [Grey] and Hussle Recordings.

The company has seen interest from Australian record labels increase markedly over the last twelve months. “Australia has been quick to take up digital delivery for promos,” observed Dan Mangan, Digital Content Manager and A&R at Stomp Entertainment/EQ Grey in Victoria, who has been using FATdrop to send digital promos since February 08. 

FATdrop offers tools labels can use to build, send and analyse promo campaigns themselves. Mangan explains, “A few key labels in Australia have been using intricate systems and others have developed their own systems in house, but there hasn’t been much in the way of ‘off the shelf’ systems that function effectively for a reasonable price.”

Sweat It Out chose FATdrop in order to build professional promos, that will up their digital game. Matt Handley, label manager, Sweat It Out explains, “previously, we have sent new releases by email to DJs, but not in a format we’re proud of. We wanted to use FATdrop to make our promos not just sound good but look good too.”

Chris Gorsuch, co-founder, FATdrop, remarks: “Digital promos are also a natural part of the electronic music scene, where music starts and ends on a laptop. Australia’s one of the most interesting places in the world for electronica right now, so it makes sense that we’re seeing a trend for digital promotion there. We’re really proud to be working with the hottest names in Australian dance music.”

3 thoughts on “Digital promos take off on Oz dance scene

  1. Ray Harley

    How is this different to iPool, the music industry standard? or is it just a rip-off?

  2. Roy Carra

    We looked at these guys and ipool as well — in the end we found to be the cheapest option. They’re based in Melbourne.

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