Digg’s Rose teases with final Apple rumours

Digg founder Kevin Rose has followed-up on a weekend of rumour wrap-ups with his very own wrap-up as the Apple event looms.

Rose – who has been at the centre of almost every Apple iPod event rumour run-down for a week – has now offered readers a look at what he thinks the base design of iTunes 8 will be.

Apple appears to have extended use of Coverflow in iTunes 8, with the capacity to sort albums out (visually) into Album, Artist, Genre and Composer, with albums playable simply by hovering your mouse above them.

iTunes 8 will also feature a Genius Sidebar, an on/off button for the feature, and will display Genius-recommended playlists in the left-hand menu.

Otherwise Rose is reprising his previous claims:

– New design for iPod nano
– iPod price reducitons
– Software 2.1 on the iPod touch
– New Magnetosphere visualiser in iTunes
– iTunes 8.0

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