Department of Eagles make an eMusic record

Indie-flavoured music subscription service, eMusic, today announced that it has sold 250 million MP3 downloads since establishing its current subscription model in 2003.

The 250 millionth track downloaded was ‘In Ear Park’ by Department of Eagles (illustrated) on the 4AD/ Beggars Group label.

Compared to eMusic’s first 100 million downloads, the latest 100 million downloads took about one-third the amount of time (1,122 days vs. 453 days).

While that’s dwarfed by the five billion or more tracks downloaded through iTunes so far, eMusic – which declares itself the world’s second largest digital music retailer – seems proud of the achievement, gathered through its service in 28 countries, including the US and Europe.

The company also announced its catalogue now surpasses 4.5 million tracks with the addition of music from indie labels including Domino Records.

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