Dell cools Apple attack MP3 player plot

Dell has moved to quell earlier reports the company plans a second stand against Apple in the MP3 player market.

The Wall Street Journal this week claimed Dell to be testing a player that could go on sale as soon as September, this device would be supported by the introduction of an online download service, the report claimed.

Following the report, a Dell spokesmen would only admit that while an MP3 player was under consideration, no final decision has yet been made:

“We have not announced that we are going to be selling an MP3 player,” the spokesman said.

“We are looking into the possibility of coming up with different content avenues that can be shared across multiple devices built by Dell.”

Dell launched a line of MP3 music players in 2003, but poor sales prompted the company to pull the plug in 2006. The company faces a huge challenge – Apple holds 70 per cent of the US MP3 player market with its iPod range, itself seemingly set for a September upgrade.

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