Cupertino goes cruising as Macs and iPhones get nautical

Soon you’ll be able to shop till you drop at what could be the world’s first maritime Authorized Apple Reseller.

Apple reached a deal with Celebrity Cruises to offer passengers access to all its latest products through a new hyper-designed space called the ilounge.

(We’re wondering how longstanding iPod website, iLounge, is going to feel about this.)

Those boarding the Celebrity Eclipse in April will be able to explore a series of 26 MacBook Pros where they will be able to check their e-mail, social media connections, or print boarding passes; a retail space offering the latest MacBooks, iPods and accessories; and an enrichment centre where certified staff will offer guests tips on Mac or iPod usage.

Celebrity Cruise’s President and CEO Dan Hanrahan said: “Our surveys show that our guests rely heavily on the Internet for research, learning and staying in touch, so we think this new offering will be a big hit, as will the contemporary online classes offered through the ‘Discover’ series of our inspiring and enriching ‘Celebrity Life’ experiences.”

Celebrity’s certified staff will be well-equipped to assist, following more than 125 hours of training in operating systems, applications, and products. They also will be poised to illustrate to guests the differences between Macs and PCs. Passengers can learn about DIY photo books, movie editing and web design though iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb.

As an Authorized Apple Reseller, Celebrity will have products available for guests to purchase, including iPods, MacBooks, and essential accessories.

The Celebrity iLounge also will be presented on Celebrity Silhouette, which launches in 2011, and the fifth ship in the Solstice Class fleet, which sets sail in 2012.

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