CoverScout 3 – the essential iTunes tool

Introduced last week CoverScout 3 is a reliable and effective tool for anyone with an iTunes collection who needs to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Developed by Germany’s equinux, the software is extremely capable at what it does, which is to fill in the gaps for appropriate album art for your music collection.

The software’s come an awful long way since it made its debut on the Mac a few years ago – searches are much faster than before, and can be automated – basically hit a button and the software will complete your album art selection quickly for you.

“CoverScout revolutionizes the way to the perfect music library. It’s never been so much fun to find missing album artwork,” says equinux CEO Till Schadde, and we agree with him – it’s annoying to have to track down the art for the music you’ve purchased from alternative music services or ripped from CD; it can take ages to find the relevant art. It’s a shame iTunes isn’t better at achieving this for you, but this software can.

CoverScout scans your music library as soon as the application is launched showing all covered and uncovered tracks. It searches for appropriate cover art on the internet – foraging through a variety of different sources, including Amazon and Google Image search. There’s also an editor o you can get the art just right, and you can also take a photo of rare album covers you own using your iSight webcam in order to get things right.

CoverScout also offers custom-fit print templates to print out CD covers and inlays for your CD collection.

We’ve been using the software for a few days, and while we think it is on the expensive side – $39.95, we can’t fault its slick and intuitive user interface and we’ve been impressed by the accuracy of its search features.

Overall, we’d happily award it four stars and would recommend it as a useful tool to help manage large digital music collections on the Mac. You can try before you buy, though – visit the developer’s site for a demo version.

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