Coming Soon: The 1TB MacBook Pro…

Toshiba has introduced two new 2.5-inch (laptop) hard drives offering the largest amount of storage in their classes, meanwhile in separate component news, we confirm our report last week that Apple has reached a quarter million deal with Samsung to secure iPad screen supplies.

Toshiba’s first drive is the standard 9.5 millimeter-thick, two-platter hard drive model MK7559GSXP with the maximum capacity of 750GB. This is a standard SATA 2 hard drive that can fit in any laptop computer.

The second drive is a three-platter drive that comes in the new 12.5 millimeter thick platform, which offers 750GB and 1TB of storage.

As this is a thicker drive it is possible we may have to wait a while longer before 1TB becomes standard issue in Apple’s thin laptops, but the theoretical maximum is in sight. We can imagine this kind of capacity would benefit anyone involved in serious video or audio production work.

Meanwhile over in iPad corner, Apple has agreed to pay Samsung nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to secure 9.7-inch screens for current and future iPads.

“Samsung Electronics has won a contract worth $240 million from Apple to supply 3 million LCD panels used in the iPads,” a high-ranking industry representative told The Korea Times, asking not to be identified.

“The most expensive component in the iPad is the display and touch-screen interface that costs $80 for all models. The 9.7-inch display is more than twice the size of the iPhone 3GS screen and costs five times as much,” he said.

According to executives from Samsung Electronics and LG Display, the iPad touch-screen is mainly made by LG Display and Chimei Innolux Corp., which was created from the merger of Taiwan-based LCD makers Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Innolux Display and TPO displays.

Morgan Stanley expects six million iPad sales by the end of this year. The supply deal guarantees Apple an additional 3 million displays.

Samsung Mobile Display has also been “in deep talks to supply its LCD panels for Apple’s upcoming 4G iPhones and iPads, a company executive told the Korea Times.

“As far as I know, Apple will use the LCD panels for its next iPhone models. We are receiving related orders from Apple,” the executive said.

3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: The 1TB MacBook Pro…

  1. Walt

    Coming now, thanks to Distorted Loop: ****-** facts.

    It’s entirely possible that Apple will re-design their pro books to be (a silly 3mm) thicker. Of course, that’s the opposite direction they’ve BEEN going. So “coming soon” deserves a big helping of salt. There’s certainly no fact in the article, other than that Toshiba has continued the inexorable progress of generic disk drive density, to justify the headline.

    And despite having upgraded my own Core [non-2] Duo 17″ MacBookPro multiple times— it now holds a 640GB drive— I wonder whether, in addition to thinness, there aren’t many other more important strategic directions for the line than doubling their current top-of-the-line BTO capacity, going well past what’s available from multiple vendors today.

    Such as increased power with better battery life; a multi-layer memory model with a few GB of Flash memory between RAM and the disk for “it just works,” really fast access to ready-to-invoke OS functions and apps; ever-faster connectivity options; and the savvy dynamic GPU invocation that seems to be a bottleneck in bringing out the 2010 models today.

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