Come see the young Steve Jobs riding free on his BMW ‘Hawg’

See him up there? That’s the young (27-year old) Steve Jobs, posing on his bike for a few shots to illustrate freelance writer, Moira Johnston’s feature “High Tech, High Risk, and High Life in Silicon Valley”, published way back in October 82.

The report observes Apple  “has inspired a dedicated cult of hard-core enthusiasts who trade new uses for the computer in the columns of Apple magazines.” It also notes Jobs to have become a role model for a new breed of bright kid, “who are writing and selling software programs and, with their arcane computer skills, gaining the prestige formerly tasted only by the high-school football team.”

We’d love to take credit for finding this, but we can’t – it comes from The Apple Blog, who note the whole thing (scans and all) to be available on the Modern Mechanix website.

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