Coldplay’s latest online viral – unreleased music

Coldplay at 3pm today launched a free viral promotion for the band’s forthcoming EP of brand new material, ‘Prospekt’s March’, offering fans a chance to listen to all the new songs before their release on November 24.

The new tracks are being made available in the form of an online game, which can be emailed, shared and posted to blogs, social networking profiles and websites. (Naturally we also have it online here, just after the jump),

This will be “the only way to hear the new songs ahead of release”, the band’s “people” told us this afternoon.


Life in technicolor ii
Postcards from far away
Glass of water
Rainy day
Prospekt’s march/poppyfields
Lovers in japan (Osaka sun mix)
Now my feet won’t touch the ground 

The above tracks will be added to the album “Viva La Vida” for a special edition called “Viva La Vida Prospekt’s March Edition”, released on November 24.

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