Cloud settles around iTunes

It’s pretty clear there’s a huge degree of interest in personal music collections held in the cloud – news of the KavaTunes iTunes web jukebox attracted a lot of interest. Now, the latest entrant into the music cloud has revealed itself, and the name is GravityZoo.
GravityZoo has begun private beta testing of MediaZoo, its cloud-based music library and player, which works without a web browser.
MediaZoo allows users to build an online music library and also offers access The Zoo, a project aimed at building the world’s largest public library of shared, free music. MediaZoo even allows you to invite up to five close friends to come and listen to your music.
Marc Vrijhof, GravityZoo co-founder and CEO says, “We’re excited to announce the arrival of the MediaZoo private beta. The team has put in a ton of hard work to get us here. Now it’s your turn to experience playing your music in the Cloud in a new and unique way.”
The GravityZoo team has been working on this since 2005, aiming to make any kind of application accessible using any internet device. This has resulted in the creation of what the company claims is the world’s first true Cloud Operating System. MediaZoo is the first fully functional application that uses the GravityZoo Cloud OS.
It remains to be seen, of course, but we suspect that cloud-based music services such as these, accessible by all devices, could well take a chunk out of iTunes usage dominance, assuming platform parity and legitimate ways to playback Apple-sold sounds.

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