Chris Difford puts the Squeeze on iTunes Plus

A founder member of Squeeze, he’s won a pair of Ivor Novello awards and now Chris Difford’s got a plan to add plus to the notion of iTunes Plus.

He’s releasing his new album, ‘Chris, That And The Other’ on his own brand new digital distribution venture ‘Saturday Morning Music Club’. Rather than selling a CD or digital album of 12 songs through the usual channels, Difford aims to take digital music beyond iTunes.

The plan is that across 12-weeks, a selection media will be delivered direct to fans every Saturday morning:  including the week’s lead album track, 2 B-sides, videos, photos and handwritten lyrics and notes – all for only one price.

All the content will be delivered straight to a single desktop application, which will allow users instant access to the music and other content – which can then be saved to the computer or transferred to portable devices. Media content will not be DRM-protected.

“It’s not an album, it’s an experience” says Difford. “Like in my childhood, the excitement of rushing to the record shop every Saturday … I’d love to bring that feeling back to buying music”.  A single, ‘Like I Did’, will precede both the Music Club and a run of solo dates, while a physical release of the album is due for much later in the year.

‘Chris, That And The Other’ is Difford’s third solo album, following 2007’s very well received ‘Last Temptation Of Chris’. It was recorded at The Pool in South East London and Jools Holland’s Helicon Mountain Studios, and produced by Leo Abrahams (Brian Eno / David Byrne).

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